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The owner(Whos name i can't understand)Was excited about a woman named emma, although destinies had them being apart in life.The architect, having discovered her death, decided that despite their wanting to be apart, he planned to leave a mark on the world in her memory.He wanted to do create their"Child"And to take, he designed a program that would craft a false intelligence.This program is the black box that exists at center of the world, and the qualities at the core of that program is morganna mode gone.Morganna was made to be the"Mom"Of the composed child.Now in order to obtain the wide range of of data necessary to craft a complete ai, this black box was put into the game simulation the world, and marketed all over the world until millions of users were playing it.The earth's design was based around the pieced together epic poem(As the site was removed in the virus aftermath)Emma wrote.

As an to the side, vehicle who marketed the game had no idea of the true purpose buried within the code, they only saw the massive money from the players who played the game, and wanted to protect that income totally.This means that they reacted so harshly when things started to go wrong.They didn't know precisely what was happening, only that liabilities to you're able to send reputation were appearing if any of the problems could be proven to be their software's fault, and so they took the heavy handed strategy for squash them quickly.

Correct, morganna was given the task of collecting data from every player who entered the realm around the world.All of this data was to be used toward the building of the perfect ai, subjects that ai was finally"Derived, that ai would be build excellent break down morganna's control protocols and integrate them within itself, thus changing to the new"Lord"Of the planet.Trouble arose, obviously, in the Pandora Beads Canada area of human instinct.Morganna came to be to be as close to a human mother as currently possible, and during the creation of the child ai, she decided that she didn't want to disappear when her task had been finished.So she began delaying the in any way she possibly could, and her manipulations began to effect the participant base as well.Even if the"Poor quality"Ai remains lingering in the backways found on earth were her attempts at sabotaging the program or just initial failures, i'm not sure, but apparently she couldn't entirely halt our desire to create the child ai, as aura eventually was created complete.

The events of the anime series leave off as aura is woke up by tsukasa, and it is relatively apparent by the start of the games that she is forced into flight by morganna almost at once.Although using avatars of the"Malignant wave"Heralded due to poem as her tools, she chased down aura and managed to split her existance into 3 indistinct data chunks which are recovered via the game.The part where morganna got things wrong was where aura was able to split off her data drain ability(Which might have allowed her to assimilate morganna's programming)Together with it to the hero of the games, kite.Beyond this concept you'd need to play the games to see what becomes of morganna, but that will give you some info about where Alphabet Letter Charms she came from and what her purpose was.

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